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The world has changed and so has design agencies. Can you feel it?   If you own a business, you probably can.

Trying to brand your business in a world that’s oversaturated with advertising agencies campaigns and ‘cutting-edge’ strategies is overwhelming.

And while it may be tempting to choose a traditional agency to figure things out, here’s why boutique agencies are a better choice.

What Boutique Web Agencies Do that Traditional Agencies Don’t

Boutique agencies are small companies, like our own, that have a handful of employees and freelancers who they work with. Before you count them out, consider a few ways they excel beyond traditional agencies.

-Tailored Customer Experience
Personalization is non-negotiable for today’s companies. If you want to be the best, you have to work with the best. You need a team that really gets what you’re about and how you’re better than the next guy. From your initial consultation to your final ad campaign, boutique agencies offer a customer experience unlike anything a traditional agency could.

-Selective Client Process
Because of their size, boutique agencies cannot take on endless projects. They hand-select the people the work with based on their own abilities and approach. If they’re a good fit, you’re in.

-Niche Experts
Boutique agencies tend to be incredibly good in one area. For example, we’re experts in website design and branding. That’s all we do. Traditional agencies offer a mile-long list of services that they might only be mediocre at.

On smaller teams, everyone has to be an expert at every stage of the process. This flexibility exposes your business to fresh ideas that are impossible with traditional, rigid, and set-in-stone agencies.

How Traditional Web Agencies Miss the Mark

-They Charge More for the Same Services
Traditional web agencies have countless employees. While this might sound beneficial, all it really does is increase your costs since they pass their payroll off to you.

-Longer Turnarounds
Big companies take longer to get to your project because they never say ‘no’ to customers. The result is a longer turnaround for you.

-Impersonal Customer Service
When you’re managing multiple client accounts it becomes impossible to provide one-on-one, personalized customer service. Traditional agencies rarely provide the individual customer service you might prefer.

In need of web design or branding support? Then check out our solutions, we’d love to offer you a fully customized experience that puts your brand on top.

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